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We have been dealing with Manchester Title Agency for almost 20 years. Their staff, service, and professionalism have caused our real estate transactions to be completed in an efficient manner. The net result brings benefits to our clients.
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Manchester Title Agency offers a range of products and services unmatched in the industry. From title insurance to searches to settlement services, we redefine the concept of full-service.

Core Services Offered by MTA

  • Title Commitments & Policies

  • Title Commitments & Policies

    Our role is to insure safe and secure property ownership for homeowners and proper lien position for lenders. We issue title insurance for all types of residential and commercial purchases, refinances, and mortgage modifications throughout New Jersey after proficiently examining all data disclosed in the search process. Our flawless track record over the past 2 decades can attest to the quality of our work.

    Settlement Services

    Our closing department is among the most experienced and most qualified in the state. We offer pre- and post-closing services ranging from acquiring payoffs to preparing settlement statements to disbursing checks, and everything in between. We have full-time paralegals on staff who can work up a file from the time a sales contract is executed until the closing is complete, for those clients who require such accommodations. We can also cover any closings for our attorney clients if they’re ever in a bind, without missing a beat. We have a presence throughout the state of New Jersey.

    Title Searches

    (Full 60-Year Searches, Record Owner Searches, Foreclosure Searches)
    With the help of our county abstractors, we offer quick and efficient property searches to either aid us in issuing an insurance policy or to include in a Report of Title. We are thorough and experienced and our title readers are trained to carefully examine every potential cloud on title.

    Upper Court Judgment Searches

    Using Charles Jones’ judgment database, we can order, receive, and analyze search results from the New Jersey Superior Court the same day as your request.

    Tax & Assessment Searches

    Manchester Title Agency utilizes the services of Accu-Search to determine the status of property taxes, water and sewer taxes, and assessments regarding subject premises. We expedite these searches to provide our clients with ample time to resolve any potential liens on the property, and we make it a point to immediately inform our clients of any outstanding liens.

    Survey & Flood Services

    We have developed relationships with some of the best land surveyors in New Jersey who provide us with professional property surveys to satisfy lender requirements. We also provide flood certifications that determine whether a property is located in a flood zone.



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